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"I contain multitudes."

- Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman (via stolenwine)


dan and phil are so far in the closet they’re coming out the other side aren’t they

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My mom likes Michael egg the best :P

"I will get you an Easter egg, Phil. I will not let this sadness happen"

- Dan Howell (via femtastico)

(via fairytaleofphan)


Did they just

chorizo fic

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"Maybe that feels like.. colonic irrigation"

- - Phil (via fairytaleofphan)

"Someone should make the Chorizo fic"

- Dan Howell (via femtastico)

(via fairytaleofphan)


​Ben is the biggest fan of Dan and Phil radio show :)

(via fairytaleofphan)

A Sam Miller not quite Easter egg

I would have made the rest of PF as well but I ran out of eggs (after I accidentally dropped one oops)

5SOS not quite Easter EGGS!

You can’t see Calum’s bass in the picture but it’s in his hand

Also super happy with how Ashton’s hair turned out :)